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MAC'S SALADS _________________

Our dressings are all created by Jonny. Take your pick of honey mustard, ranch, blue cheese, Italian, balsamic vinaigrette or sesame-ginger


Cabin Small SaladCabin Salad Small $3   Large $5

Some would call this a "house," but Jonny calls it the Cabin Salad in honor of the mountains were we live. Ain't nothing basic about this bed of mixed greens, 'maters, grated parm, and croutons that don't come out of a box. Plus, those dressings are like laying in bed with fresh sheets, honey.






Beach Cottage Salad   $9.50

Now just move that cabin salad to the beach, and cover that bed with Blue Crab and Gulf Shrimp, and your sittin' pretty at the seaside. Might need some sunscreen. Definitely a fork!









Farmhouse chicken salad   $7.50

All the fresh best without getting up before the sun: Chop up creole chicken from the farmhouse. Boil up some of those eggs gathered while you were in there, and fry up some bacon from the hog pen, Spice it up just right and serve with Dijonnaise. Less you want somethin' else.


MAC'S PLATTERS ________________

All come with a grilled buttermilk biscuit, garlic bread, or grilled breadstick and a choice of one side. Course you can always order extra for a little extra. Live it up!


Jonny Mac's RibsRibs (Half Rack)   $12.50

St Louis spares, slow roasted, coated in a bourbon glaze You'll not only lick your fingers, you may want to nibble them!


Ribs (Whole Rack)   $16.50

You'll need more fingers to lick....


Chicken Half Bird   $8.50

Creole roasted, Spiced up how they do it down Louisiana way. Get ready to "HOO-WEE"!


The Whole Bird   $12.50

I'll start, "HOO-WEE"!


Pulled Pork   $9.50

14 hour, slow roasted, Charleston style shoulder and butt, served plain or flavorful as finished with your choice of two homemade sauces. Pick sesame-ginger or sweet and hot. Can't go wrong!





Shrimp and Cheese Grits   $10.50

Tender Gulf shrimp in our kiwi & country ham sauce served over creamy cheddar grits. A marriage of flavors and textures. You're gonna want to dance at these nuptuals!


Jambalaya   $9.50

Fresh Andouille sausage, Gulf shrimp and Chicken served over a heaping helping of "Holy Trinity" rice. It''s bayou beautiful!







PLATTER COMBOS _____________

More choices, more better! Select from Mac Platters Above


Jonny Mac's Big Daddy  $14

Choose any two. WOW, Daddy loves you!


Jonny's Granddaddy   $18

Choose any three. Goodness, Christmas came early and you were GOOD!!!


Great Granddaddy   $22

Choose any four, You won the lottery baby, Good luck!!!

The Whole Family Tree   $26

Get ALL five meats, "Meat" the whole family!


TRIANGLE SIDES ________________

One included with your platter,or get you some more 2.00 each.
All the tastiest from the NC mountains, SC coast and the Louisiana Bayou.


All Sides by themselves  $3.00 each


Mac's BBBB

Bacon and Beef Baked Beans, yeah, don't ask if they're vegetarian


Nah Nah's Red Potato Salad

You'll award it a blue ribbon, Thanks, Nah Nah!






Juicy's Honey crisp apple slaw

It's apple country, right? Crunch you some.


Sriracha Cajun fries

Ask for 'em plain or enjoy T's sinfully good seasoning.







Jonny Mac's & Cheese

We couldn't resist the pun, You wont resist the perfection!





Mac's Soon to be Famous Fried Mac & Cheese

Crispy outside, melty middle, spiced just right. Gotta try. Served with marinara.



MAC'S FAMILY SOUPS ____________

All soups served with choice of bread.





Mary's Meddler   $4.50

When Available



Mac's Sandwiches _______________
All come with chips and a pickle. Course they do. You can substitute a side for 1.75
Gluten free options available on all sandwiches.


Muffalata    $9
1/2 sandwich

Pit ham, olive spread, Mortadella, salami, mozzarella
& provolone on a Louisiana roll, pressed, grilled and served with our homemade Italian-Worcestershire dipping sauce. N'awlins without the road trip.



Muffaleta whole sandwich   $14

Same as above, only more of it!


Jonny's Cuban   $9

Mac's pulled pork, pit ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and homemade Cuban mustard pressed in a Portuguese roll until you're proud to be an American eating from that kind of melting pot. Mama!


Shrimp Po' Boy   $9

Tender Gulf shrimp fried to perfection or sautéed in sesame-ginger sauce. Served on a grilled Portuguese roll with lettuce and tomato. Sesame-ginger or sweet-hot sauce served on the side. Summer in Charleston anyone?


Pulled pork or Chicken  $8

Tender shreds of 14 hour roasted pork or Creole chicken with your choice of sesame-ginger, sweet sauce, or no sauce. Served or topped with our homemade Honey Crisp slaw. You just think you've had a BBQ sandwich. Wait till that slaw hits your tongue with the meat. We warned you!


Charleston Blue Crab & Shrimp SandwichCharleston
Blue Crab & Shrimp   $10

A tide of Gulf shrimp and crab meat, flavored up with sweet peppers, Old Bay, and our homemade remoulade sauce on a grilled Portuguese roll. Roll tide!







Southern grilled club    $8.50

The classic club gets hot down south with pit ham, jalapeño bacon, sliced Creole chicken breast with homemade dijonnaise, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. All grilled to a melty, savory wonder. One club worth the dues.


Deb's Garden Burger   $8

Too good to be called a veggie burger. You won't be askin' where's the beef?


Jalapeño BLT     $7.50

Not your grandma's BLT, unless she likes it smokin' and covered up in cheesy yum. Jalapeno bacon brings lettuce and tomato in delicious harmony with your choice of cheddar or provolone cheese.


Trimrod's Burger      $8

Add bacon or Jalapeño bacon + 1.50

Lay the foundation with 1/2 pound Angus beef burger grilled your way and then married to any topping we've got. The choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion come standard. If you're looking for the options package, we probably got you covered. Ask because this burger is like a sweet ride: everything you wanted to drive-straight in to your mouth! Bliss.


Kids Menu ____________________

Kids MenuAll meals are $5.95

Include Choice of Mac & Cheese,
French Fries (Cajun or Plain), or Potato Chips


Chicken Tenders

Grilled Cheese

Kids Burger

BBQ Sandwich

Kid's Rib Plate



11:00am - 8:00pm

Friday - Saturday
11:00am - 9:00pm

10:00am - 2:00pm

3885 Hendersonville Rd.
Fletcher, North Carolina

Phone Number
(828) 376-3679